Today is indeed a very happy day for me and I am sure for all members of the Iwoland Development Coalition. On this day in 2014, we began the journey of what has now become one of the most important community development organisations in Iwoland. When we were starting out, we had no idea that we would be as successful as we have become. However, by sheer dint of hard work and unwavering cooperation we have built a coalition that is now a force to reckon with in Iwoland. It therefore gives me great pleasure to say congratulations to my team members and our supporters across the globe. When I say “across the globe”, I mean it literally as there are IDC members and supporters in America, Asia, Europe, United Arab Emirates and Africa. We are a global group with a focus on local issues of our homeland, Iwo. 
We are a coalition of development-minded people form Iwo, Ayedire and Ola Oluwa Local Government Areas for the development of Iwoland as a whole. Our ambition has always been to operate and function as a Non-Profit Organisation for the promotion of good leadership culture, democratic principles and community development in Iwoland, and by extension, Nigeria. In our ambition to achieve to this, we have embarked on some impactful developmental projects. This includes the work on potholes from Adeeke to Kajola area, construction of the Akinbami Health centre and donation of equipment to the clinic, execution of health outreach for children and adults alike and providing financial support to indigent undergraduates. Over the  last three years, we also donated safety birth kits to the needing maternities in Iwoland- Ogburo Maternity, Ajangbala Eleha and others, participated in the reconstruction Ojude Oba Bridge.
We organised hugely successful school tour programs in several schools in Iwoland. The core values of our tour were to teach/give: academic excellence, Career talks, Leadership and Community Development. The theme of the program: Protection and Sustainable Development of Educational System in Iwoland. Most recently, we were instrumental in returning Joint Admission Matriculation Board Centre to Bowen University in April 2017 and this helped many candidates from Iwoland to be able to write their examination at home. Our education support program also sees us sponsor selected WAEC candidates. 
In a bid to help clean Iwoland clean and beautiful, we cleaned and painted the Iwo central roundabout and encouraged monitoring of the roundabout. We also cleared premises of the defunct Africa International Bank (AIB) building at Oluponna, a place that had been reportedly taken over by reptiles and became a haven for debauchery. One of our most talked about and successful projects to date should be the reconstruction of a collapsed bridge in Yidi Oba Area, Iwo. We led the fundraising effort and the construction of the bridge that brought life back to the abandoned road. 
We are passionate about support for orphans and vulnerable children in our community and this explains our numerous intervention efforts in providing succor to these children over the last three years. Our support for the vulnerable also extends to physically challenged people who will recently sponsored their trip to attend an annual conference at Abuja. We also successfully organized the Widows Empowerment Capacity Building with the Theme “Reaching out to the Poorest of the Poor”. Items like sewing machines, hairdressing dryers, corn/pepper grinding machine, school bags, ointments, cloths, health books and other vocational materials were distributed on 13th May 2017 at Iwo City Hall, Osun State.
Our successful first 3 years should only challenge us to do more. We need to chart a new course for the coalition that will guide our next three years and our future ambition. Over the next few weeks, we will consulting members on ways to improve on the structure of IDC and make our achievements of the last three years a mere tip of the iceberg. We need to dwarf our achievement and break our own records because we are a coalition of the best minds Iwo has to offer and that has to show in the quality of our works.
I must thank everyone who has been of great value to us. From our Kabiyesi, Oba Abdulrasheed Adewale Akanbi Telu 1 to all our well-wishers, members and supporterts, I say a heartfelt thank you. I will not be mentioning names to avoid missing out important names but you all know yourselves and you are all MVP. And as our revered teacher, the late Shaykh Abdulbaaqi Muhammad used to say “Ise eniyan ni adura re”. May the good Lord reward us all. Amin.
Thank you,
Kabiru Adeniyi Adisa Kulukulu

Coordinator, Iwoland Development Coalition.


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